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The "New" Dilutions

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Mushroom Photo Coming!

The NewDilutions list (see bottom of this page) and web site
were founded to study and document color dilutions
that could not (YET) be explained by known equine color genetics.

It immediately took on another function : that of explaining and
tracking (initially) the previously "unknown new dilutions"
which are now known to be one, and caused by one gene,
which we named Pearl.

Click on a photo, above, to see the page about that particular horse, or a link, below, to see the section about each color phenomenon.

Update: "Mushroom"

This webmaster has been contacted through the years by folks wanting to know about the "mushroom" color in ponies.  For many years, it was on our "back burner", especially since it seemed, at first, to be simply explained by "silver".

Now it's known that red (ee) ponies show this dilution (which therefore can't be "just silver"), plus there has been a new form of red (e) discovered that is quite possibly the cause.   At this time, it seems to exist only in a very few English Shetland Pony families.

PEARL also found in GYPSY HORSES

The newest dilution gene discovered, "Pearl", not only occurs in Andalusians, Lusitanos, Pasos, and American Paint horses, but has also been confirmed to exist in the breed(s) known as Gypsy Horses. (See the Pearl section, and then follow the links to the Gypsy Horse examples.)

Congratulations and kudos to the members of, Carolyn Shepard, Dr. Cecilia Penedo at UCDavis, and all of you other equine color researchers and horse owner/breeders who worked to identify, name & rename this rare and amazing, elusive, recessive and cream-activated gene.

DNA Color Testing

If you wish to have complete documentation of your horse's color (breeding) potential, you should have your horse DNA tested for as many color genes as he/she could possibly have. 

This group gains no profit from any of these labs; the above is simply our opinion.  If you wish to look into testing your horse, you may consult the list of all labs of which we know and the tests they are currently able to here, HERE.

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The newdilutions Yahoogroup/list was originally created for recognized color researchers and owners/breeders of horses of new dilutions only.  However, it is now open to anyone with a serious interest in horse colors.  The archives alone are nearly priceless... feel free to join us to have access to the list's history, and photo albums =>

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