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Ali-Zeus (now deceased)

Purebred Arabian; DNA tested Ee, aa; never looked black anywhere, according to his owner, who was:

Tamara Woodcock
Aelfleah Farm
Scurry, Texas
BLUE STAR Arabians and
Arabian-influenced Sportponies

Our most recent picture of Ali-Zeus, above, was received April 5, 2007.  Tamara said of it: "This was taken this past weekend.  He was body clipped on February 20th, so is in short summer coat now." And in a later email about the same picture: "Thanks! The gold you see is the winter undercoat exposed by clipping. In about 2 more weeks, the gold won't show thorough anymore after it sheds, just leaving the brown. But still no black! Sadly, his first foal shows no signs of dilution except blue-ish eyes (more blue than normal, but not as obvious as ZEUS's gold eyes)."

... of this picture of Ali-Zeus' "blue-eyed" purebred Arabian son, Tamara wrote: "Photo was taken with a flash, so that's why the fur is so bright. This is a bay colt by ALI-ZEUS and out of ASF WITNESS.  His eye, I think, will darken some more, but will always have a blue tint. Or then again, he could follow along with a related filly, and his eyes change from blue to honey has he ages. Just have to wait. "  -Tamara

Tamara wrote: "I've had my Zeus through summer coat into winter coat and back into summer coat (this time protected by a 24x7 flysheet) it is obvious that he too will stay brown, and shed out to brown every season, yet have actually DNA tested Eeaa! Plus those diluted yellow gold eyes."

  <= June 2005    <=Nov. 2005

        <=  all five from Dec. 2005  
   <= one from Feb. 2006

  <= these three are from April 2006.  All three taken on the same day, with the sun at different locations relative to the horse and camera.

  <= July 2006

In December of 2005, Tamara wrote:

"... saw his sister (same sire out of full sibling dam) this weekend. The filly looks exactly like him in build as should be expected from such close relations, but she also matched color-wise.  All of her black points (mane, tail, legs) are the exact same shade of "black", which is actually brown, as Zeus." ...  "Same gold eyes also. Zeus isn't homozygous" (for black, so he's Ee) "but he is non-agouti." (aa) "The filly hasn't been tested but she is bay based (agouti)." (A_)  "I haven't looked at further testing. UC Davis did the test this summer." (2005)

Caution: if you scroll down farther, you will see a shot of the skin under Ali-Zeus' tail.  This is very interesting, as it does look like the skin of some sort of a dilute, since the underside of the tail itself has light skin.  The "white" is just sunlight.




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