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Dilute? Morgans
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These are pictures, pedigrees and DNA tests of the three
Morgan Horses owned or bred by Patricia Hardy (and Jan Bourdon?)
with unusual skin and eye colors: 
A mare, a somewhat-related stallion and their line-bred colt. 
All three horses' pedigrees, and their percentages of various ancestors, can be viewed at the Canadian Livestock Registry, for free. 
I'm only listing the actual pedigrees on this page,
and not the percentages.
I will be re-arranging, labeling, and adding more
to this page on an ongoing basis.
--- Barb K, webmaster

The original Morgan mare in question, Champagne Sensation, is chestnut.






The first image, at far left, is her PEDIGREE.  Next to it is a copy of her DNA test showing that she is ee (chestnut, no black gene), Aa (carries a gene for bay or seal brown, but it's invisible since there's no black for it to act upon), and N/N for cream (does not have a cream gene -- is not a palomino, buckskin, etc.)

The next 2 images are her DNA tests for silver N/N (no silver),  and then champagne, also N/N (no champagne).

She was also tested for Pearl, but we don't have a copy of that one, yet. (She has no pearl gene.)

She was born with blue eyes and pink skin, as some chestnuts are.  The head shot at left shows this.



The next image is of Sensation with her black dam ...



... and the next is her bay sire (Merlin).


One can see why the breeder would have been surprised, not being a color genetics expert, at getting a pink-skinned, blue-eyed filly from these two.

We know that that can be explained by simple E/e and A/a genetics, but ... !



... her blue eyes turned, and have stayed, a light, golden color, as shown in the head shot at left. 

The right side body shot is also of Sensation.  Not sure of her age in that one.

The next image demonstrates that her udder is still pink, which, though not unknown in cream and other dilutes, is unusual for a chestnut. That is most likely her foal's head in the picture.

Next is a right-side body shot of the same mare, Sensation.

Below, left, another head shot of Sensation, plus an under-tail shot, showing the color of her skin there.

The two images below are of Sensation in a field with other Morgan mares.



"Just for fun", compare her appearance to this Arabian filly/mare



Sensation was bred to young stallion "with similar lines", Snowdancers Champagne Dream, which also exhibited unexpected light skin & eye color.  The first image to the left is his pedigree, followed by his DNA color test, which shows Ee, Aa, no cream, no silver, and no champagne.  This would indicate a normal bay or seal brown horse.

"The(se three) photos are of Snowdancers ChampagneDream, a colt I purchased with similar lines to Sensation. His sire is Black and his dam is Chestnut. He was a pink skinned bayish color when born then in 3 weeks changed color. The photos are all of the same horse." (Pat's own words)

He does look like he has *something* going on, comparing his photos with his DNA color test results, above.


Two more photos of Snowdancers ChampagneDream. 

This colt matured, and was then bred to the mare at the top of the page.




This first image is of the pedigree of their only foal/colt so far, Sensations Monarch. The second is his DNA color test results.



At left, Monarch apparently at age 3 days, and another picture showing his foal eye color.



The bottom image in this set is of Monarch as he matured.


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