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Pearl in the American Breeds

The pearl gene was first suspected in an American breed: the American Paint Horse.

When Carolyn Shepard, president of the International Champagne Horse Registry, was presented with an apparently-champagne horse with no champagne parent, at first she thought that the parentage must have been recorded in error.

The horse was the mare Barlnk PeachsNCream.  After registering her as a gold champagne, Carolyn was suddenly presented with another "wrong color for those parents" foal, from the same line of American Paint horses.  She tells the story here:

Click here for the original article, from the Champagne Horse Journal

It was later verified to be same gene that was being called "pearl" by the Iberian and Paso owners of horses with this new, recessive, dilution.

It has since been found in the American Quarter Horse as well.

Click any of the links on this page to learn more about the earliest discovered American breed horses that carry this gene.


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