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RD Chica
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RD Chica


...provided by Jan "Ian" Huizink of,
a member of the newdilutions list and pearl color researcher.

Liver chestnut (DNA confirmed) PRE (Andalusian) mare who has been DNA confirmed to carry a recessive ("pearl") dilution gene.  She has birthed two foals that looked like double-dilutes at maturity (see below), by the double-cream-dilute stallions, Q and Saphiro.  She has been DNA color tested and is ee (chestnut), crcr (no cream.) At one time she was owned by Spanish Springs Andalusians.

When Chica foaled Majodero by Q , back in 2001,  Barbara Kostelnik (the author of this web site) thought that meant that Q and the foal were Iberian champagnes.   But Carolyn Shepard, president of the ICHR, somehow knew this wasn't the case. Majodero did not look like a champagne cream as he matured. Q's many, many other foals never showed any unexplained (non-cream) dilutions.  Instead, it was Chica's progeny which followed the pattern we could expect if she were carrying a recessive dilution gene which was activated by cream.  Only cream dilute sires produced "pearl-creams" out of her, and only about 50% of the time.  Those same cream dilute sires never produced this new color out of other mares.   That made her the carrier; and since she was so dark, it was obvious it must be recessive.

Chica's 10 foals (please correct as needed, by emailing the webmaster) are:

6  non dilute foals (blacks & bays) sired by black & bay stallions, at least one of which (a mare, Querida) is a Pearl carrier

2  "pearl-cream" foals sired by Saphiro & Q respectively

1   single dilute foal (palomino) sired by Q

1  chestnut foal  sired by a chestnut stallion


 <=  is available here as a large jpg.  Click this thumbnail-sized version to see it.


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