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European Pearls

These Iberian pearl horses live in Europe.
Some have been DNA confirmed.
Their pedigrees are accessible from their individual pages.

Avispado Fuego P-Inato Evanera Guapo Jaleo Jarra Kieto Oro Mafioso Rosada

Avispado  PRE stallion located in NE Spain, tested crcr.  Now DNA color confirmed.

Balzac, a dark-skinned gray, has sired many pearls and pearl creams. Clicking on his name will lead to a chart by Camille Klepandy describing and picturing most, if not all, of them.

These next 3, full siblings, are all by Balzac, a dark-skinned gray,
out of Rabella, being called a "line-backed buckskin".

M-Fuego -- apparently a black or bay based cream pearl.

P-Inato   Aa ee C/Cr (DNA confirmed), palomino pearl

Evanera -- apparently red-based (palomino pearl) mare.  Her page includes her colt by P-Inato.

Below: half siblings of Fuego and Inato; all by Balzac. 
Click their names to see a page about them.

R-Kieto (also seen in threesome photo with Fuego and Inato on their pages)


Jaleo, full brother to Guapo

Jarra,  by Balzac FSA out of Divina III.



(my translation, and the original French from Jean Martinez' web site: )

"... mare Nuba (AVE), daughter of Moreno and Java (100% Viega); she gives him beautiful progeny and thus still assumes her role today as "foundation".  Later, in 1990,  two fillies of Nuba arrived:  Rabella and Souza.  And to there all of the line traces."

"... jument NUBA (AVE) fille de MORENO et JAVA (100% Veiga), elle lui donne de beaux produits et assume encore aujourd'hui son rôle de pilier . Arriverons ensuite en 1990 deux filles de NUBA: RABELLA et SOUZA. Et voilà le chemin tout tracé."

Various horses and information from the Jean Martinez farm, where Balzac and Fuego stand:


M. Jean Martinez' OLD farm site:

Martinez' farm's mares and their dams, from that older web site:

    - DIABOLICA out of SOUZA
    - FURIA II out of SOUZA
    - JARRA out of DIVINA

(I don't believe this photo of a pearl being ridden in a crowd belongs here, with the mares. 
I seem to remember someone identifying the horse as one of the stallions.
However, I should make sure I have it elsewhere before deleting it from here.)

Cliquer pour fermer la fenêtre Nikita

( Hererra is dark-skinned)

Just for reference:

Here are two dark-colored (graying) sons of Balzac.  Does anyone know whether they've been tested for pearl?  If you reply to this, please include the URL of this page.

by Balzac (FSA) and Souza (RAN)

by Balzac (FSA) and Divina III (JMZ)

And one that's not graying, also not visibly pearl. (Is this a buckskin? Or could he be a carrier?)
(A buckskin could not be a carrier of pearl, as it would be a pearl cream.)


2000 & 2001 : KOFRE ; son of  BALZAC and HOZADA; French champion two consecutive years

Below are other miscellaneous possible pearls,
needing to be identified and properly placed in this web site. 
If you can help, please be sure to include the URL of this page,
so that we can put your information with the proper horse(s).  Thank you!


Sonia (of ) says that this colt, shown with his gray dam, was sired by a "brown" stallion.  She says that the same gray mare has also produced similar colors by other stallions.

This eye belongs to a previous #33 for sale on Sonia's site,
Sonia, can you please identify this horse any further?  You had said it was an unregistered Lusitano, which I remember looked golden tan with brown points.


Pictures and info from Carin, in Sweden


This PRE stallion in Spain was being considered for purchase by Carin. No cream test results reported back then.

I believe this one is Derroche.

Carin also sent these pics of a PRE stallion the group has seen before, but they weren't put on the web site until she sent them 3/1/06.  I wrote to the sale site that day asking for his name and pedigree. No cream test results reported.

"This is a one week old filly, and as you can see her dam is gray and the sire is told to be 'bayo' - if they mean bay or buckskin by that I don't know", writes Carin.  No cream test results reported.

2 year old (different) filly, pics also sent by Carin.


champany_tordo_pecas_4_e.jpg (11528 bytes) champany_tordo_morro_e.JPG (15195 bytes) champany_tordo_2_e.jpg (8796 bytes) champany_tordo_pecas_1_e.jpg (9759 bytes) champany_tordo_4_cuello_1e.jpg (9139 bytes) champany_tordo_4_cuello_5_e_gg.JPG (8358 bytes) champany_tordo_4_cuello_3_e.jpg (8546 bytes) champany_tordo_4_cuello_2_e_g.JPG (7367 bytes)

Look at this aged gray stallion's muzzle shot (click on the second photo.) Some say it's simply "gray depigmentation".  Personally, I've never seen that take the form of such uniform freckling.  Don't know what to make of it.

Sonia,, writes: "These are pictures of an old grey 'champagne' PRE stallion. He has all his skin pink with little black freckles. His hair always shines very much."

This was another listing on Sonia's site, now gone: 

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