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RD Chica
Majodero R
Mia Fantasia

Iberian Pearls in the USA

The Pearl gene in Andalusians and Lusitanos (and crosses of those breeds) was first identified in horses of those breeds living in the USA.

To get to know some of them, especially the "major players" in its discovery in those breeds, just click on the horses' names on the buttons, left, or their names in the tables below.

Pearl is a recessive dilution gene that reacts to the cream gene. 

Its discovery:

There had been noticed, and documented, several startling cases of a cream dilute horse being crossed with a base color horse (chestnut, bay, black, brown) and producing a foal that looks like a double cream dilute, in two Andalusian "families" in the USA, as detailed below.

When these foals were color tested, without exception they were found to have only one cream gene, as expected by their parentage.  (The parentage is almost always DNA verified because of the regulations of the Iberian breeds involved.) 

Now, most of these foals have also been tested for Pearl, and those who have been tested all carry it.

The cream dilutes never produced these colors except when bred to the same particular dark-colored horses.  That's how it was first noticed.

Chica   & her "string of pearls"

Chica : dark liver chestnut Andalusian mare with one "pearl" gene

Majodero   Ee aa Crcr (DNA), smoky black pearl son of Chica by  Q, perlino stallion

Guindaleza   palomino pearl ee N/Prl N/Cr daughter of Chica by  Saphiro , ee CrCr (DNA) cremello stallion

Querida  dark colored daughter of Chica by  El Altivo (bay).  Querida was first believed to carry the pearl gene because of  one of her colts, Mateo, by Saphiro.


Bravio  & his "string of pearls"

Bravio :  bay Andalusian stallion with one pearl gene.   Sadly, deceased.

Mia Fantasia -- daughter of Bravio out of a buckskin mare

Tequila -- son of Bravio out of  a sooty palomino QH mare

Luna del Bravio, a graying Bravio daughter (out of the Axis mare, Ametza) tested positive for a single copy of pearl. Owned by Necka Alves,  leased back to Suzan Sommer this year,  in foal by Xerox, Suzan's double cream gray stallion . so Sommer Ranch could very well have had another cream pearl on the ground in 2007! PHOTOS: Luna del Bravio at about 15 months left; both photos courtesy Dr. Rebecca Barrington.

Balitor langrish head shot cropped02

Balitor, bay son of Bravio,  was  DNA tested and is Ee Aa N/Prl so he will be able to produce a wide array of colors.  Plans were to breed him to Guindaleza, daughter of Chica, which has probably already taken place. PHOTO: Balitor; photo from Sommer Ranch web site.

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