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The (Peruvian) Paso dilution

This page was created before the pearl gene was named or isolated in a laboratory.

Many thanks to:

Deb Morgan, of Hamilton, Ohio

... our source of information on the Paso version of this strange dilution gene, which behaves like a recessive gene, but seems to also be activated by the cream gene.

It appears to be a phenomenon that functions similarly to the one in the Andalusians, i.e. :

  • one copy of the gene in question does not seem to change a horse's color. 

  • one copy plus a cream gene seems to act as a double dilution

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Examples of Peruvian Pasos  that probably carry the pearl dilution, and why, courtesy of Deb Morgan.  Each set of two charts represents one foal, the sire's ancestors on the first chart, and the dam's on the second, of each set.


This pedigree is of Cultured Pearl, a *possible* pearl, possibly a double-cream, Paso Fino-Spanish Jennet-Tiger Horse cross filly, owned by Beverly Whittington of Georgia:

from 8/25/2004, Deb states:

"Thus far, in the PP breed, each pseudo double dilute has had one
parent who was a cream (smoky, buckskin, or palomino).  Of the
ones, which I have data on, only one has a double dilute parent.
The second half (2nd parent) are all non dilutes.
Would be interesting to find one that has two non-dilute parents,
since it would add a fascinating twist but... haven't located one yet."

(Deb did send info on one like this, later)

"Thought we may have had one with the 2004 colt... Chestnut sire
X what is registered as a Bay mare.  However, in looking at the
dam, there are certain undertones, etc. so... I looked into her
lineage, etc.  Lineage points to the her being a heavily smutted
Buckskin or a Smoky.  Unless she is color tested, or has a regular
dilute foal when, crossed with a non-dilute (has only had two
foals... this current one and one other which was non-dilute), one
cannot say, with 100% certainty, that she is a Smoky or Buckskin.
However... in looking at her coloring, & her lineage, I would not
hesitate, for a second, to lay a bet on it.

Deb Morgan writes: (Older entries to this page)

ppcolt2.jpg (51446 bytes) "?" Dilute colt was born this year?  Photos include sire & dam. Well, this 2004 "?" Dilute colt is by a Chestnut sire and out of a heavily smutted Buckskin, or Smoky Black, dam (Dam is registered as a Bay but... she's not a Bay).

The chestnut sire is a full brother to the "?" Dilute filly/mare that was color tested (and found to only carry one cream gene but looks just like a Cremello...The one that I sent you photos of). Anyway, Sire's owner states that there is no unusual pigmentation to his skin. I do not believe the dam has any either.

ppcolt1.jpg (41151 bytes)(Deb Morgan writes:) "As a just in case, and/or to help you remember<g>, I am resending the collage of this colt (colt #1). Only, this time, it includes his dam's photo as well (dam was missing from the first one I sent you)."
(So, I didn't put the first one on the web site -- Barb)

(another email from her:) "Remember the Peruvian Paso colt (in photos I sent to you... the one with the Brown <actually Smoky> sire)? Well, am attaching photos of his Chestnut dam. Two of the photos are not the greatest.
JWF Lorena 1-.jpg (20088 bytes)
JWF Lorena 2-.jpg (22191 bytes) JWF Lorena 4-.jpg (33226 bytes)

It appears that the colt's eyes are in the changing phase right now. Going from blue to hazel (which will, afterwards, go from hazel to amber... which seems to happen in each case).

The gal, who owns the colt & dam, is going to be giving me even further info and more updated photos of the colt... probably more of dam as well."

(Deb Morgan's text from a later email, apparently about this same picture collage:)

"Yes, I agree, this mare (dam of colt) is a normal Chestnut (her dam was a Chestnut and sire Bay).

This is the dam of the Cremello looking colt born in March of 2003 which is still a pseudo Cremello whose eyes are, just now, turning from blue to hazel (eyes will end up amber if it follows with the rest of these "?" dilutes). I should be getting more recent photos of this colt (he was tested as only carrying one cream gene... which he, of course, got from his Smoky sire)."

ppgelding1.jpg (62767 bytes) Photos of PP dilute gelding from Deb Morgan -- one eye shot may not be his -- Barb

Deb writes: "The chestnut sire is a full brother to the dilute filly/mare that was color tested (and found to only carry one cream gene but looks just like a cremello ... the one that I sent you photos of). Anyway, sire's owner states that there is no unusual pigmentation to his skin. I do not believe the dam has any, either."

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